The dump trailer industry is booming! It may be time to get in on the action

You will see dump trailers in your driveways, parking lots, and yards. They may have messages such as “Rent Me” or a number for rental requests. Perhaps you’ve had an idea about renting a truck, trailer or dumpster to start your rental business. Is this a good idea or not?

Answering that question will require more than you to answer it. It matters where you live. What laws are there? What is the size of the market? What are the dumping fees? Do you have competitors? It is your family’s business. Are you able to afford the financial investment? What about the loans? Are you able to afford the time and effort it will take to get these things moving?

When it comes to starting a business, the world of renting dumpsters in 2022 is much different than what was available ten or more years ago.

The need for professional businesses like ours who can handle all aspects from start-up through operations has grown exponentially as cities nationwide struggle with overflowing landfills that are unable accept any more waste material on their own dime due solely because they’re full!

So what’s new in 2022?

In the five years prior to 2016, there was a steady growth in demand for dumpsters. This is largely due do an increase of residential and other construction projects which resulted from COVID-19 pandemic among others things that caused it’s sudden drop off towards 2021 when compared with previous years’ data sets; however we can see how these two forces interact with each other through their influence on industry trends over this short period time frame!

Is there good news?

The construction industry is booming and dumpster demand has skyrocketed. The report estimates that this trend will continue, reaching pre-pandemic levels within five years!


The dumpster rental industry is booming, but not as much compared to two years ago. However there are still optimistic forecasts for its growth in demand over the next five years if we start now! You might want consider getting started on this business opportunity today before it becomes too late – What are you waiting for? The competition is getting tough and your future customers may never know what it’s like to have someone answer their calls when they need help.

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