Tire Safety 101: How to Care for Your Dump Trailer Tires

We all know how important it is to have safe tires. However, if there aren’t any obvious signs of trouble, you can easily take that for granted. Tire safety is just one of many parts that your trailer needs to work properly. Even if there is plenty of tread left, tires can be worn out. Because trailers are required to haul very heavy loads, even when they’re not being used, this is possible.
It’s better to have the tire moving along the road than it sitting still. The tire releases lubricants while in use that can improve tire life. Flat spots can be prevented by frequent use of your trailer tires.

Tire failure is most often caused by improper inflation

The tire’s load carrying capacity can be severely affected if it is inflated below the trailer’s recommended inflation level. Towing problems can be caused by tires that are too high. For proper tire inflation, you should check your cold tire pressures at least once per week.

When the trailer is loaded to its gross vehicleweight rating (GVWR), wheel and tire manufacturers recommend that the air pressure be adjusted to the trailer manufacturer’s recommended cold inflate pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Tires Lose Pressure Over Time

Tires can experience a loss of 1 to 3 PSI each month. Because air molecules under pressure weave through tires from the inside to the outside. An increase in tire pressure could cause the tire’s temperature to rise, leading to overheating. Even for a brief time, a tire that is too low can cause internal damage.

You can expect to replace your tires every 5 years

Statistics show that a trailer tire’s average life expectancy is 5 years under normal conditions. Even if your tires have sufficient tread depth, it is a good idea to replace your tires after 3 years. Experts say trailer tires can be considered worn out after five years, even if they have had little or no use. However, this may not be the case in all cases. To determine if your tires need to be replaced, a tire supplier should inspect them.

You should also consider that trailer tires are severely damaged by high-speed towing in hot weather. The tire’s inner structure begins to deteriorate as heat builds up, which can lead to tire failure. To extend the life of your tires, you should drive at moderate speeds.

If your trailer will be stored for a long time, ensure that the tires are fully inflated and kept dry in a cool place such as a garage. To protect your trailer tires from the harsh sun’s rays, use tire covers.

Although this isn’t all you need to know about tires safety, it is a good start. For more information, you can always consult your owner’s manual.

Stay safe!

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